David Letterman Mocks Romney's Wealth Despite Being Worth $400 Million

You want to see a perfect demonstration of almost unimaginable media hypocrisy?

On Friday, CBS Late Show host David Letterman mocked Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's wealth despite being worth $400 million (video follows with transcript and commentary, file photo):

DAVID LETTERMAN: I was talking to Mitt Romney earlier today, and he and his family got a big two day weekend planned. They’re going to hike to the top of his money.

Excuse me, but who the heck is Letterman to ridicule anyone for how much money they have?

According to our friends at Celebrity Net Worth, the Late Show host makes $50 million a year with an estate valued at $400 million.

As Forbes estimated Romney's net worth at $230 million Wednesday, Letterman's worth almost twice the target of his derision.

How's THAT for hypocrisy?

But Letterman wasn't done slamming the former Massachusetts governor:

LETTERMAN: When you're the nominee for a party, whether you're the incumbent or whether you're the opposition, like in Mitt Romney’s case, you have to always appear to be presidential. And I think that's what the first thing people look for is the man or woman presidential? So we've put together a segment for you that addresses that issue right on the money. It's called, "Mitt Romney: Thank You, Mr. President." See how this works.


MITT ROMNEY: I'm not familiar precisely with exactly what I said, but I stand by what I said whatever it was.


LETTERMAN: Thank you, Mr. President. Do we still have giggling Mitt Romney? Is giggling Mitt Romney with us? Do we still have it?

The same edited video Letterman aired Thursday of Romney laughing over and over again was played as the audience laughed.

I guess this is going to be a running gag now.

Anything to help the president he loves get reelected I guess.

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