Letterman Says 'The Guy’s a Psycho' After Airing Edited Video of Romney Laughing

After basically campaigning for Barack Obama Tuesday, CBS Late Show host David Letterman took to seriously mocking Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney two days later.

Following the presentation of an edited video of the former Massachusetts governor laughing maniacally, Letterman told his audience, "The guy’s a psycho" (video follows with transcribed lowlights and commentary):

During his opening monologue, Letterman made a rather tasteless joke about actress and musician Jennifer Lopez.

As the laughter died down, the Late Show host asked, "Hey Mitt, what do you think? Mitt, can you hear me?"

At that point, a tremendously unflattering and obviously edited video was aired of Romney laughing in a loop over and over.

“Stop that," Letterman said. "No, really, that’s making us sick. You gotta stop that. You’re not going to get any votes with that. What are you, nuts? The guy’s a psycho. Hey, stop it, Mitt. Oh my God."

This was actually the second time this video was aired during Thursday's monologue with Letterman making snide remarks.

Now for all I know this is a running gag on the Late Show. If so, wouldn't that make it worse?

Are Late Show viewers going to be pummeled nightly for the next five plus months with negative images of Romney?

Given Letterman's undeniable advocacy for Obama Tuesday, it seems entirely possible.

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