Huffington Post Headline: 'How Cheating Can Save Your Marriage'

As I noted Wednesday in the aftermath of President Obama's "evolution" concerning same sex marriage, there's a great deal of hypocrisy in the media's response given their own antipathy to the very institution they want available for homosexuals.

The Huffington Post Thursday presented a fine example of this with an article featured on its front page headlined "How Cheating Can Save Your Marriage":

Of the wives with whom I've spoken, close to half believe that the 'other man' can actually help them to stay in an unhappy or suboptimal marriage because they find their happiness with the lover. This group of wives who remain with their husbands feels more in touch with their desires in this extra curricular relationship than in their marriages and they no longer feel that life is passing them by.

There are wives who tell me that the affair is the one part of their lives that they can control and in this way they are empowered. And then there are wives who report that they feel more balanced in their marriage because of the affair. This faction of women, approximately a third of my interviewee pool, describe themselves as a good wife, a good mother, a successful career woman and a good lover. These relationships with the 'other man' satisfy some wives for years and become a way of life.

More than half the wives I've interviewed describe the lover as a vehicle through which to understand what is missing in the marriage -- and wives in this situation may give up the affair with a renewed commitment to the marriage. Others use the lover as a bridge to leave the marriage, although not necessarily for this person.

"Others use the lover as a bridge to leave the marriage, although not necessarily for this person."

And that last line belies the headline, for the number one reason for divorce in this country is infidelity.

As such, promoting infidelity as something that can save a marriage is akin to recommending gasoline to put out a fire.

On Thursday, not only did the Huffington Post do this, it did it on the front page.

Yet this same publication advocates same-sex marriage.

Why fight for the LGBT community to have the right to something you clearly don't believe in or respect?

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