Chris Matthews Falsely Claims Obama Bailed Out Ford

It's becoming clearer and clearer that the time has come for MSNBC's Chris Matthews to retire.

On Tuesday's Hardball, despite virtually every intelligent person in this country knowing that Ford was the lone American car company to not accept a bailout in 2009, Matthews actually claimed President Obama "bet on" the auto giant (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHRIS MATTHEWS: It seems to me one thing that somebody of a business background like Romney – and that’s where he spent his life, making money – should be very good at picking winners, testing business character, who’s got it, who doesn’t have it. Alan Mulally, the head of Ford now, has taken them to number five in the country as profitable corporation. Ford is back as the number five most profitable company in the country right now.

Again, back to you, John, it seems to me that somebody should have paid attention to the fact that Mulally having this kind of gift and ability to do this kind of thing, and he didn’t bet on him. Obama bet on him.

No, Mulally bet on himself and his employees by refusing to take one red cent from the federal government.

But this is the kind of misinformation we should expect from the likes of Matthews and virtually all the Obama-loving media as they do everything within their power to get the current White House resident reelected including misrepresenting the truth.

Before you think that too harsh, consider that New York magazine's John Heilemann played right along with lie:

JOHN HEILEMANN, NEW YORK MAGAZINE: Yeah, well, it’s true, Chris, although just, I mean, yes, Obama made a big bet there as did Steve Rattner the car czar under Obama that they identified the leadership of at least a couple of those companies in Detroit as having been capable of survival and thriving if they just got a little help from government.

Also involved in this segment was Politico's Maggie Habermann. She too chose not to bother correcting Matthews.

And this is what passes for news on this disgraceful farce of a television network.

The folks at NBC, Comcast, and General Electric must be so proud of this division.

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