Chuck Todd Compares Bin Laden Assassination to VE and VJ Days

NBC's Chuck Todd on Tuesday, moments before President Obama addressed the nation from Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, compared the assassination of Osama bin Laden one year ago to VE and VJ Days marking the end of World War II.

The following was actually said by NBC's Chief White House correspondent on MSNBC's Hardball (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHUCK TODD: This is a case where the President is taking the most famous day if you will now in the war, the closest thing this country ever is going to have to a VE Day or a VJ Day in this war which is VOBL Day, right? Bin Laden’s death day. And he’s using that anniversary to talk about the future of our security relationships in Afghanistan.

Keep in mind that VE and VJ Days signalled the end of World War II in Europe and Japan respectively.

By contrast, the death of bin Laden did not end the War on Terrorism or the war in Afghanistan.

Quite the contrary, the President is in Afghanistan to amongst other things sign an agreement with that country that keeps some of our troops there until 2024.

Beyond this, despite the media ignoring it, April was an extremely costly month for America in Afghanistan with 33 of our soldiers being killed there.

As such, comparing bin Laden's death to the end of World War II is ridiculous.

Victory includes the enemy signing conditions of surrender and our troops coming home.

We are clearly a long way from that if it ever happens

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