Jimmy Kimmel Introduces Himself to WHCD With Vulgar Video, NB's Tim Graham Featured

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel introduced himself to Saturday's White House Correspondents' Dinner with an extremely vulgar video.

In it, politicians, media members, and even NewsBusters' own Tim Graham had their mouths blurred and words bleeped to make it appear they were making obscene remarks (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary).

Those familiar with Kimmel's show know that he's been doing this for years in a segment called "This Week In Unnecessary Censorship." At the hour of the night - or morning - his show airs, it typically isn't an issue.

But presented during prime time in many parts of the country with the President of the United States and his wife in attendance, the entire thing was extremely offensive in this author's opinion.

After an introduction, the video began with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney saying, "Thank you for coming to the White House for your daily [bleeping]."

Next was President Obama saying, "I've told leaders of both Parties that they must come up with a fair compromise in the next few days that can pass both houses of Congress, and a [bleep] that I can [bleeping] sign."

Then came MSNBC's Ed Schultz, Fox News's Carl Cameron, Admiral Mike Mullen, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Oh.), and Mitt Romney all appearing to say vulgar things.

Much to the surprise of NewsBusters and all at the Media Research Center, next up was Graham saying, "Harry Reid just wants to put his finger in his [bleep] and sing."

The word bleeped was "ears". See for yourself.

Get the point?

But the worst was still yet to come when Vice President Joe Biden was shown saying, "I promise you, the President has a big [bleep]. I promise you."

This was followed by a clip of Regis Philbin holding up a newspaper with a picture of Obama including a blur to make it appear it was blocking out a penis several feet in length.

Penis jokes involving our President in his presence on national television. How far we've come.

Possibly more distasteful, the next clip was Obama repeating variations of the f-word over and over again.

And this is what passes as acceptable humor now at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Can any of those either in attendance or involuntarily involved scold their children for such language when it's praised at such a prestigious event with some of the most powerful figures in the nation laughing and cheering?

What a week it's been for the Office of the President.

On Tuesday evening Obama trashed his political opponents while slow-jamming the news with one late night comedian. On Saturday evening he and his wife watched penis jokes directed at him as well as video edits of him saying the f-word repeatedly.

Were Malia and Sasha watching?

Regardless, you can almost hear someone fiddling in the background.

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