CNN Anchor Gasps When Student That Got Viral Picture With Obama Won't Say She's Voting For Him

Unless you happened to sleep all week, you probably saw the story of a Colorada University student getting her picture taken with President Obama at a bar in Boulder.

Even funnier than the photo that went viral on the internet was CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield gasping on Thursday's Early Start when the co-ed in question wouldn't say she was voting for the current White House resident (video follows with transcript and commentary):

ZORAIDA SAMBOLIN, CO-ANCHOR: A college student sitting at a bar with friends, a pretty normal day in most college towns, but then, the president of the United States walks in. That is what happened to University of Colorado junior, Madalyn Starkey, on Tuesday when President Obama made an unscheduled stop at a local student hangout, The Sink, in Boulder.

Madalyn took a picture with the president, posted it on Twitter, and you know what happened. It went viral. So, Madalyn Starkey is joining us this morning. Good morning to you, Madeline. Did you expect this craziness when you posted the picture?


SAMBOLIN: And I'm curious as to what you and the president talked about.

STARKEY: Really, we didn't talk about a whole lot. He like went around to everyone's table, shaking hands, saying hey, like introducing himself. And I just get like so star struck when I see famous people. And so, I literally was just like, ah, can I get a picture with you?

And he was like, yes, for sure. Stand up. And so, we did that. And then, after that, I was just like, well, you smell good. And that was pretty much the whole conversation I had with President Obama.

SAMBOLIN: You told the president that he smells good?

STARKEY: Uh-huh.

SAMBOLIN: What did he say when you said that?

STARKEY: He just kind looked at me awkwardly and was like, yes, thanks, and then, he moved on.


SAMBOLIN: So, listen, were you expecting the president to walk into the bar? How did that happen?

STARKEY: Oh, not at all. Everyone was at a line waiting for his speech. Me and my boyfriend went to The Sink for dinner. We couldn't decide between The Sink and like two other restaurants. We were like, ah, we'll go to the sink. We've been here three times the past week might as well again. And so, we went there.

And then, yes, the secret service men just came in and they're like, attention, the president is coming. If you don't want to meet him, you should leave now, or, you know, like medal wanted (ph) down, and so, we just sat on the down and waited for him, and it was crazy. It was like, this can't be real.

SAMBOLIN: Did you believe when they said that he was coming that he was or did you think it was a joke?

STARKEY: At first, I kind of thought it was a joke, but then, we saw like all the secret service guys and started taking like all the knives and silverware out of the place. And so, we were like, this is serious.


SAMBOLIN: That's a pretty cool picture to have, and I hear you were razzing somebody on Twitter about it.

STARKEY: About like the -- oh, that was -- yes. He's a senior in high school. And I wanted him to take me to prom, and he didn't. So --


SAMBOLIN: I love that. I love that you just said -- hey, listen, did you have any thoughts about the president prior to meeting him that what have changed after spending at least brief time with him?

STARKEY: No. I've always known that he's like a really nice, charismatic guy. So, I mean, yes, he definitely showed that when he was in the place. He's shaking everyone's hands and taking pictures and signing autographs. And so, yes, he's a wonderful dude.

SAMBOLIN: A wonderful dude. Well, Madalyn Starkey, you're a pretty, wonderful dudette also. Ashleigh wants to know if you're voting for him.

STARKEY: I'm not going to say over TV. Sorry.


SAMBOLIN: With a photo like that, I don't know. That speaks volumes, huh? But very cool.

STARKEY: I just don't want to get any prejudice and bias in this one.

SAMBOLIN: I appreciate that. Thank you very much. I appreciate that. Thanks for getting up nice and early with us. And good luck to you in school, as well.

STARKEY: Well, thank you. Nice meeting you.

SAMBOLIN: Nice meeting you.

"I just don't want to get any prejudice and bias in this one."

Imagine that. Wouldn't it be nice if so-called journalist Banfield felt that way and managed to keep her bias hidden?

If a likely 20-year-old college student can do it, why can't a 44-year-old Emmy Award-winning newscaster who's been in the business since 1988 - before Starkey was even born?

That asked, I'd love to play poker with Banfield. She most have tells even a novice could spot before the cards are dealt!

(H/T NB reader Jayne)

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