HBO Renews Vulgarian Bill Maher's Show Two More Years

What does one have to do in this weak economy to get a contract extension?

Well, if you work for HBO as a vulgar comedian that loves to misogynistically attack conservative women, it appears cursing out your audience for not laughing at one of your jokes is just the ticket.

The Wrap reported Tuesday:

Bill Maher's long-running political talk show, "Real Time with Bill Maher," has been renewed for its 11th and 12th seasons, HBO announced Tuesday. The renewal will keep the show on the air until at least 2014. [...]

“Bill Maher’s irreverent wit and fearless insights make him the perfect observer for these unpredictable times,” Michael Lombardo, president, HBO programming, said while announcing the renewal. “I’m delighted that we can continue to offer an uncensored forum for his original and thoughtful humor.”

Here's a recent sampling of Maher's "thoughtful humor" that helped get him a contract extension:

Those are just some examples of Maher's "thoughtful humor" in the past seven weeks.

You can see why he deserved a contract extension.

(H/T Mediaite)

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