Bubba Watson Tells Piers Morgan 'You Were a Pr--k' on 'America's Got Talent'

CNN's Piers Morgan scored a huge get Tuesday night with the first major television interview with Masters Champion Bubba Watson.

When Morgan asked his guest why he was granted this honor, Watson marvelously answered, “Because when you were on this other show ‘America’s Got Talent,’ you were a pr--k!" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

After welcoming the Masters Champion with some introductory chitchat, Morgan asked, “Why have you given me the exclusive interview, because somebody has told me a rather unnerving reason why?”

Part of Watson's response was bleeped, but from reading his lips on the video numerous times, it appears his answer was, “Because when you were on this other show ‘America’s Got Talent,’ you were a pr--k! So, I wanted to come here and make fun of you just like you make fun of everyone else.”

After some laughter, Morgan said, “I heard that was the reason. I generally was, wasn’t I?”

“Yeah, for sure,” Watson said.

“You just like me being a prick?” asked Morgan.

“Yeah,” shot back his guest.

Much later in the interview, Morgan brought up the controversy surrounding the Augusta Country Club not allowing women members.

"This day and age, I think that, I don't see any reason why it could hurt," answered Watson. "But again, it's a club that has rules, that can do that. There's places that, there's rules made up, there's laws made up, that we can't do certain things."

Watson then asked his host what his views were on the subject, and Morgan predictably replied, “Oh, I think it's completely ridiculous…It's just like something out of the Dark Ages."

Quite marvelously Watson shot back, "I know who's not going to be a member. You!"

Now that's a real champion.

Bravo, Bubba! And congratulations.

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