Matt Damon to Star in Anti-Fracking Film 'Promised Land'

April 5th, 2012 4:09 PM

With hydraulic fracking looking more and more like the future of American energy independence, the Left are predictably bringing out the big guns to stop it.

Doing his part is actor Matt Damon who has co-written and will star in next year's "Promised Land."

An email message from documentarians Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer published by Common American Journal Wednesday offered specifics:

PROMISED LAND will be directed by Gus Van Sant and co-star John Krasinski, who plays Jim in NBC’s The Office. This will be a huge movie – with a big budget and a lot of promotion and advertising and sources tell us it will be portraying fracking in a very negative light.

As you probably know, Matt Damon is just the latest Hollywood superstar to come out against fracking. Robert Redford, Debra Winger and Mark Ruffallo have also campaigned against the process.

IMDb also identifies Hollywood heavyweights Frances McDormand and Hal Holbrook as cast members.

The movie will be filmed on location in Pittsburgh as Pennsylvania is currently one of the nation's major fracking states.

As McElhinney and McAleer predict, "Promised Land" is sure to get an extraordinary amount of attention irrespective of its factual or scientific accuracy.

With that in mind, for those interested in countering Hollywood's efforts to demonize fracking, please see McElhinney and McAleer's project "FrackNation," a "film that will tell the truth about fracking." 

A press release from Ann and Phelim Media I received via email Thursday elaborated:

Environmentalists have claimed fracking pollutes water. However, the Environmental Protection Agency recently announced that its investigations of a number of high profile incidents have revealed no pollution, and the allegations of contamination lack a scientific basis.

It appears fracking will be a new battleground between the forces in America striving for energy independence and those that will do anything to prevent the United States from fully utilizing its own natural resources.

As conservative blogger Rick Moore tweeted moments ago, "Promised Land" looks like "The China Syndrome" of fracking.

Let's hope not.