ABC's Bill Blakemore: 'America’s Prestige Damaged by Its Climate Denialism'

One of ABC's chief global warming alarmists Bill Blakemore was at it again Sunday.

At the network's Nature and Environment website, Blakemore actually wrote, "America’s Prestige Damaged by Its Climate Denialism":

One of the world’s most widely known and respected senior scientists tells ABC News that current denial about the basic daunting realities of manmade global warming is “just foolishness.”

He also reports that the rest of the world has now “pretty well given up” on its hope for U.S. leadership in dealing with global climate change.

So began a lengthy screed predictably about how the so-called international consensus regarding anthropogenic global warming is overwhelming, and that the small number of scientists that don't agree with the theory have "significantly less standing in the field of climate science among their scientist peers."

Maybe Blakemore should talk to the over 31,000 American scientists that have signed a petition claiming AGW is not what alarmists warn.

But the best line was a sub-title shortly after that which read, "America’s Prestige Damaged by Its Climate Denialism; World Has ‘Given Up’ on Hoped-for U.S. Leadership."

Actually, it is the prestige of America's media that has been damaged by sensationalistic press accounts of near doom at the hands of trace amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

As NewsBusters has been reporting for years, foreign news outlets in Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and even Canada and Great Britain are far better at sharing both sides of this debate than here in America.

U.S. media's total devotion to the theory and willingness to whitewash deep cracks that were exposed by ClimateGate and other recent admissions of blunders by the International Panel on Climate Change has been the real embarrassment for our country.

On a more personal note, I wanted to share a story told to me by a man sitting next to me on a recent plane flight.

One of his daughters is an extremely gifted geologist with a Ph.D from MIT. She's been traveling the world collecting data on rock foundations. Despite her liberal leaning, during her studies she has concluded that the entire AGW theory is nonsense bearing absolutely no basis in fact or scientific principles.

She brought her findings and conclusions to folks within her department and was surprised to find many of her colleagues shared the same view. When she asked why no one has stood up and exposed the emperor's nudity, she was told the department would lose all funding if that happened.

And this is where America is losing its prestige in the scientific community.

But folks like Blakemore don't want to investigate or report that.

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