Eleanor Clift: Obama Gets Along With Britain's Conservative Prime Minister; Pat Buchanan: 'He's a RINO!'

There was a truly delicious moment on PBS's McLaughlin Group this weekend.

After Newsweek's Eleanor Clift gushed over how well President Obama gets along with British Prime Minister David Cameron describing him as "not like the conservatives we have in this country," syndicated columnist Pat Buchanan marvelously responded, "He's a RINO!" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

ELEANOR CLIFT: I think it's important, David Cameron is from the Conservative Party. But he's not like the conservatives we have in this country. And I think that he and the President really got along on a number of issues…


CLIFT: … around the world, and I think they really do reinforce each other. It’s a very positive relationship, and in a world as full of hot spots as this one, we need Europe. And Cameron epitomizes Europe.

"He's a RINO!"

For our liberal readers and those from Rio Linda, RINO stands for Republican In Name Only.


But that wasn't the end of Clift's much-needed education:

JOHN MCLAUGHLIN, HOST: Eleanor, do you realize that Cameron is in the process of losing Scotland, and there are those who think that he’s responsible for Scotland's declaration of independence?

CLIFT: I think the loss of Scotland probably doesn't upset that many British people either.

MCLAUGHLIN: Well, what is left of the British Isles? What’s left?

BUCHANAN: England.

MCLAUGHLIN: England, that's it! God save the King!

I'm verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves.

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