Krauthammer on Media's Claim of GOP War on Women: 'Liberal Echo Chamber Elite Cocooning'

As NewsBusters has been reporting for weeks, the Obama-loving media have concocted the fallacy that Republicans are suddenly in a war on women.

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer on PBS's Inside Washington Friday called this "a classic example of liberal echo chamber elite cocooning" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

GORDON PETERSON, HOST: What are the political ramifications? Is this reflected at the polling place?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: It isn’t, and that is why all of your talk about the war on woman is a classic example of liberal echo chamber elite cocooning. In the poll by the New York Times on this issue, it found that by eleven percent Americans are against the idea that contraception ought to be required in a medical plan if it is against the conscience of the employer.

And if you ask the question whether a religious institution ought to be required to subsidize contraception, it is 21 percent against among women, on the first, two percent against, and on the second that’s a religious institution, meaning a Catholic hospital, it’s a ten percent spread.

So what every one of those in the Time poll -- hardly a right-wing publication -- you have a majority of Americans who say you ought not compel anybody who has a religious objection, and particularly any institution like the Catholic Church, to provide contraception. And thus all your talk about how it is hurting women is simply not reflected in the data.

PETERSON: “Liberal echo chamber cocooning.” That’s going in my book.

KRAUTHAMMER: Oh, and strong letter to follow.


And in that strong letter, Krauthammer should let all of his colleagues know that no one is trying to take anything away from women that they previously had before this controversy started.

Instead, what this has been about from the beginning - and it appears more women understand this than the media would like! - is the Obama administration trying to expand healthcare coverage concerning birth control and abortion with some entities pushing back.

As such, we have witnessed a sickeningly dishonest press in the past few months not only allow the White House to advance a completely false narrative, but also assist the President's efforts to misinform the public.

Shouldn't it be the media's job to expose a President's lies?

Or is that asking too much when the current White House resident is a Democrat the press helped get elected?

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