MSNBC Misspells 'Tuition' TWICE in Segment About a College's 'Free Tuition Competition'

If you needed any more evidence of what a joke MSNBC is as a so-called "news" network, consider what happened on Wednesday's Dylan Ratigan Show during a lengthy segment about a "free tuition competition" being held at the University of New Haven's College of Business.

Some genius at the "Lean Forward" network actually spelled "tuition" wrong in two different on-screen graphics (video follows with commentary):

"Winners Get 100% 4-Year Tution Scholarship."

What's a "Tution Scholarship?"

Moments later:

"Free Tution Competition."

Be advised that these weren't quick chyrons that you regularly see at the bottom of your television screen which are often hastily slapped together and therefore do sometimes contain spelling errors.

Both of these graphics had to have been prepared well in advance of the segment being aired, in particular the second one that included UNH and Facebook logos with numerous pictures to boot.

To be sure, nobody at MSNBC is going to be winning this free TUITION competition!

The folks at Comcast must be so proud of their new acquisition.

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