Chris Matthews Makes Mock Movie Trailer Attacking Romney: 'Mitt Better Off Mute'

Chris Matthews this weekend, on the syndicated program bearing his name, offered viewers a mock movie trailer attacking Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

In honor of Sunday's Oscars and the presumed favorite "The Artist," Matthews was using the occasion to cinematically show Romney's "downfall" is "when he has to open his mouth" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Before we break, “The Artist” is the odds-on favorite to get the best picture Oscar this Sunday night. The movie's about the perfect silent picture star who faces his downfall when he has to open his mouth. And that made us think of a certain Republican frontrunner out there. Well here then is our trailer for a movie we're calling "Mitt Better Off Mute."

The video began with the caption, “Meet Mitt Romney – The PERFECT Presidential Candidate.” From there, clips of Romney were shown at various campaign events, all in a grainy silent picture black-and-white.

The next caption read, “A real crowd pleaser – right out of central casting!” And then, “He just LOOKS like a President!”

Adoring press members were shown snapping pictures of Romney as well as applauding crowds and swooning young women.

Then a caption appeared that read, “But – A terrible problem…” followed by “He’d be better off as a silent movie star…”

This led to a video clip of Romney saying, “I love this state. It seems right here. The trees are the right height.”

The audience laughed leaving an embarrassed Romney on the stage as the final two captions appeared reading, “The true story of a candidate’s struggle to find his voice…” and “Mitt Better Off Mute.”

As the video ended, the BBC’s Katty Kay, the New York Times’ Helen Cooper, and Time magazine’s Joe Klein were seen laughing or smiling as Matthews said, “Mitt Better Off Mute, we’re very proud of that.”

This is how far so-called journalists like Matthews are willing to go to get Barack Obama reelected.

And there's more than eight months until November.

What will they think of next?

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