Michael Moore Defends Mitt Romney: 'The Trees in Michigan ARE Just the Right Height'

For almost five days, the Obama-loving media have been seriously ridiculing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for saying at a campaign stop in Michigan the trees in that state "are the right height."

Fellow Michigander Michael Moore, appearing on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show Monday, actually came to Romney's defense saying, "Well, he does have that right. The trees in Michigan are just the right height" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

RACHEL MADDOW, HOST: Joining us now for the interview is filmmaker, author, and Michigander, Michael Moore. Mr. Moore, thank you for being here.

MICHAEL MOORE, FILMMAKER: Thanks for having me. Happy Presidents Day.

MADDOW: Yes, indeed. Do you love trees and cars and lakes of all sizes?

MOORE: Well, he does have that right. The trees in Michigan are just the right height. In Wisconsin, they go way - you can't even see the top. In Ohio just a bunch of shrubbery.

MADDOW: Honestly, that's not a Michigan joke.

MOORE: No, it's not a Michigan joke at all. No, it's no joke.


MOORE: And he likes the Great Lakes but all these little lakes. I mean, the poor guy -- I mean, I just start to feel sorry for him on some level, not too much.

"No, it's no joke."

Maybe this is the way many Michiganders feel, and the media quick to ridicule anything a Republican says opted not to find out.

I mean, if the conservative-hating Moore is willing to defend Romney's comment about Michigan's trees, it must not have been as laughable as Obama's press have claimed.


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