MSN Mocks Tim Tebow 'Awkwardly' Reading 'Green Eggs and Ham' for Charity

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow on Wednesday participated in Pizza Hut's BOOK IT! Reading Program to promote children's reading.

For some reason, the folks at MSN chose to mock the religious quarterback rather than praise his charitable efforts (video and commentary follow):

Watch Tim Tebow awkwardly read 'Green Eggs and Ham'

Tim Tebow isn't a great quarterback, but we do think he's a better quarterback than storytime reader. The Broncos' signal-caller manages to get all the way through "Green Eggs and Ham" in this YouTube clip, but we think most of us could do a better job with the Seuss classic.

Huh? Didn't these idiots know he was doing this for charity?

Apparently not.

Fortunately, not everyone in the media was so callous concerning Tebow's gesture. USA Today gave him a far more positive review Friday:

Tim Tebow has been oft-criticized for his delivery. But he doesn't seem to have any problem being on the money with Dr. Seuss. [...]

The reading by Tebow is of course excellent but our favorite remains Rev. Jesse Jackson's performance on Saturday Night Live.

Even the Tebow-hating Huffington Post gave two thumbs up in its report Wednesday:

In an interview with BOOK IT!, Tebow talks about why he selected Green Eggs And Ham -- a choice he made specifically, "Pretty much how I learned to read was with Green Eggs And Ham. There were a few others that I loved, but Green Eggs And Ham was definitely my favorite."

Tebow also talks about his early struggles with reading, "I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was a little boy and so finding ways to overcome that and finding ways to really enjoy reading and finding ways that I can process things -- because it has nothing to do with your intelligence, it just has to do with how you process things -- for me books like Green Eggs And Ham really helped me to overcome those obstacles."

As MSN is affiliated with the same cretins responsible for MSNBC, I guess what they've done here shouldn't be too surprising.

Without further ado:

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