Mike Barnicle Asks Donny Deutsch on Morning Joe 'Are You Drunk?'

When Donny Deutsch thought he was being clever mocking Mitt Romney with a juvenile drawing of the Republican presidential candidate sunbathing near a "wrong-sized" tree, Morning Joe staple Mike Barnicle asked him exactly what many viewers must have been thinking at the time.

"Are you drunk?" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

Without co-host Joe Scarborough on set to provide some semblance of sanity, the gang at MSNBC's Morning Joe spent a great deal of time Friday mocking Romney's recent comments about how he likes the trees in Michigan.

This led Deutsch to handcraft and present to those present a childish drawing he made.

"Mitt's going to have to answer a lot about this right-sized tree. Here's a diagram, it's very serious, can you get in close on this?" asked Deutsch.

As the camera zoomed in, Deutsch said, "Here's Mitt sunbathing, and there's the sun, and there's a tree that's blocking it. It's a wrong-sized tree."

Barnicle marvelously responded, "Are you drunk?"

Meet the Press host David Gregory was also duly unimpressed saying, "I just want to tell Donny I'm glad he's been so successful at advertising because my six-year-old daughter can draw better than that."

Willie Geist accurately observed, "And make a more powerful message as well."

And a more logical one.

This is what happens when liberals run the Morning Joe asylum without any oversight.

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