Fareed Zakaria Asks George Soros 'Will You Create a Super PAC to Help President Obama?'

As hard as it may be to believe, CNN's Fareed Zakaria on Sunday actually tried to raise money for the reelection of the current White House resident.

Speaking with billionaire George Soros on the program bearing his name, Zakaria asked, "Will you create a Super PAC to help President Obama?" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

At the beginning of the second part of his interview with Soros, Zakaria asked, "Do you think that President Obama has done a good job all things considered?”

Not surprisingly, Soros spoke of “the problems” the current White House resident inherited being “bigger than any president could have immediately remedied.”

The billionaire made the case that Herbert Hoover “was actually a very capable president but his name is mud.”

His point was that Franklin Delano Roosevelt came in well after the Depression started and therefore had an easier time correcting the financial collapse.

“Whoever gets elected now has a much better chance of being successful than Obama had,” Soros said.

This led Zakaria to stunningly ask completely out of the blue, “Will you create a Super PAC to help President Obama?”

Honestly, is that the kind of question a representative of a so-called cable “news” network should be asking a billionaire?

Soros responded by first criticizing the current campaign finance environment and the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. He then made it clear that any contributions he'd make would be done so “very openly.”

Zakaria next asked, “Will you vote for President Obama?”

“Oh, definitely,” replied Soros.

Nice to see Zakaria not only campaigning for the current White House resident but also trying to raise money for him.

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