Washington Post's Richard Cohen: 'GOP Is Brain-Dead'

January 31st, 2012 10:04 AM

It's only January and the vitriol being spewed at Republicans by the Obama-loving media is starting to crest.

On Tuesday, Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen went after almost every high-profile right-leaning politician in the land in a piece that disgracefully ended "The GOP is brain-dead":

It’s hard to know who is the more ridiculous figure — the grandiloquent, bombastic and compulsively dishonest Gingrich, or the beguilingly ignorant Cain, a man who has never held elective office and who was reduced to speechlessness when asked a question about Libya. Nonetheless, Gingrich, his Alfred E. Neuman grin on his face, accepted the endorsement and then went on with his nihilistic campaign for the White House. This has been an exceedingly silly political season.

After predictably going after conservative views he doesn't agree with - pro-Life, opposition to anthropogenic global warming, no new taxes - Cohen called such thinking "anti-intellectualism" and then pounced on the usual suspects:

The world is a complex place, but to deal with it, the GOP presented a parade of hopefuls who proposed nostrums or, in the case of Michele Bachmann, peddled false rumors about vaccinations. When this started I cannot say — the late Richard Hofstadter won the Pulitzer Prize for his “Anti-intellectualism in American Life” in 1964 — but the embrace of Sarah Palin by the GOP establishment has got to be noted. The lady has the gift of demagoguery and the required anti-elitism, but she knows next to nothing about almost anything — and revels in her ignorance.

He concluded:

The Republican establishment that has now risen up to smite the bratty Gingrich has only itself to blame. For too long it has been mute in the face of a belligerent anti-intellectualism, pretending that knowledge and experience do not matter and that Washington is a condition and not a mere city. The endorsement of Gingrich by Cain was not a bulletin. It was a feeble blip on a scope. The GOP is brain-dead.

I guess Cohen, like so many of the liberals in the media, believes he is intellectual and everybody that doesn't agree with his views is an idiot.

Well, I've got a challenge for this Washington Post columnist: this "anti-intellectual" will debate anthropogrenic global warming or fiscal policy with him anywhere he wants. He should just name the time and place.

I'll be there with bells on.

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