Will Smacks Down Vanden Heuvel: When Obama Speaks Against Crony Capitalism Will Slogan Be 'No More Solyndras'?

George Will on ABC's This Week Sunday had a truly epic smack down on the perilously liberal editor of the perilously liberal magazine The Nation.

After Katrina vanden Heuvel waxed rhapsodic about President Obama at next week's State of the Union address laying out "a vision for a different economy, one that is not about crony capitalism, but is about a democratic capitalism that lifts all boats," Will struck back, "His slogan will be, what, 'No More Solyndras?'" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, HOST: I want to pick up on what you were saying, Matthew. You talked about the State of the Union. Let me bring this to you, Katrina. The president is going to lay out what he called a blueprint...


STEPHANOPOULOS: ... for how to get jobs. It's also going to be the first blueprint of his presidential campaign.


STEPHANOPOULOS: What do you expect to hear? What do you want to hear?

VANDEN HEUVEL: I expect to hear -- and I want to hear -- themes that he sounded in his speech at the end of last year in Kansas, where he spoke about how this is a make-or-break moment for the middle class in this country, and began to lay out a blueprint for how we build a different economy and a vision for this country that is one that is forward-looking, that is tackling not just the fundamental income inequality -- that, again, movements have brought to the fore -- but lays out a vision for a different economy, one that is not about crony capitalism, but is about a democratic capitalism that lifts all boats.

And I think Matt is right that we're looking at a debate and a campaign and an election that could be about two fundamentally different visions of this country. We have a Republican Party that wants to take this country back, literally peddling recycled policies that brought us to the financial crisis we're still living through, millions living in economic trouble and pain...


VANDEN HEUVEL: The president needs to speak to that and lay out a vision.

GEORGE WILL: When Barack Obama comes out against crony capitalism, his slogan will be, what, "No More Solyndras"? I want to hear that.

So do I, George. So do I.

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