Andrea Mitchell on Iowa: 'Too White, Too Evangelical, Too Rural'

January 2nd, 2012 8:13 AM

NBC's Andrea Mitchell on New Year's Day made it clear to Nightly News viewers that her Obama-loving network will continue using the race card to assist the current White House resident's reelection.

In a brief segment about the upcoming Iowa caucuses, Mitchell said "the rap" on the Hawkeye state is that "it doesn't represent the rest of the country - too white, too evangelical, too rural" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

ANDREA MITCHELL: Iowa did propel a little known southern governor to the Democratic nomination back in 1976.


UNKNOWN MALE ANNOUNCER: Jimmy Carter, clearly the winner, scored well, came from nowhere.


MITCHELL: And established that Barack Obama could attract white voters.


DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE BARACK OBAMA: You have done what the cynics said we couldn't do.


MITCHELL: But Iowa Republican caucus-goers don't have a very good track record for picking presidents. Ronald Reagan didn't win the caucuses in 1980. Future President Bush finished third in 1988, and John McCain, the eventual nominee, came in fourth here four years ago. So why should Iowa matter?

REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST MIKE MURPHY: By no means is it the ticket to victory, but it is a winnowing out process to get kind of to the final three or four not unlike college basketball so the whole country can watch the big game.

MITCHELL: The rap on Iowa: it doesn't represent the rest of the country - too white, too evangelical, too rural.

Nice way of the NBC Nightly News informing viewers that much as the media did in 2008, the race card will be played whenever possible to assist Barack Obama in getting reelected.

Can you imagine any state in the union being referred to as "too black" or "too hispanic?"

No, I can't either.

Happy New Year!