Kathy Griffin to Co-host CNN's New Year's Eve Show

Vulgarian comedienne Kathy Griffin will once again co-host CNN's New Year's Eve show.

TVNewser reported Sunday:

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin will again co-host CNN’s New Year’s Eve celebration from 11pmET to 12:30amET. “Get ready, America. Pull up a chair and a box of your finest wine, because you’ve never seen a New Year’s Eve show like this,” said Griffin. “Kathy Griffin scares me. I’ve said this often to CNN management directly and through my attorneys,” joked Cooper.

Griffin is infamously remembered for dropping an F-bomb during the 2009 show and directing a vulgar oral sex reference to a heckler the year before.

As a result, she was excused from the 2010 event.

Yet despite joking in March 2010 that Sarah Palin had performed a sexual act with John McCain, saying days later she'd like to push Palin down the stairs, claiming in June that "strong conservative" means "idiot," calling Sen. Scott Brown's (R-Mass.) daughters "prostitutes" the following month and later saying it was a "fantastic career move," and blaming conservatives for gay teen suicides the following month, Griffin was invited back to co-host the 2011 show.

This year, Griffin mocked Palin while depicting Tea Party members as homophobic birthers on Glee.

And this is who the folks at CNN - the "most trusted name in news" - think should co-host their program ushering in the new year.

Don't they care that almost 50 percent of the nation is offended by this woman and wouldn't consider watching the show as a result?

Actually, if CNN cared about ratings all of its programming would be far more politically neutral.

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