Six-Year-Old Girl Spends Birthday Money on Christmas Gifts for a Stranger

December 3rd, 2011 9:50 AM

Last week NewsBusters introduced readers to an amazing 15-year-old homeless girl in Florida with a surpisingly upbeat view on life.

Today, meet Alexis Manthey, a six-year-old girl from Oklahoma who used her birthday money to buy Christmas gifts for a stranger (video follows with highlights and commentary):

As reported by Tulsa's ABC-TV affiliate KTUL, "On a trip to Walmart to spend her birthday money, Alexis Manthey of Oklahoma decided to adopt an angel's wish list instead."

For those unfamiliar, the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program is a 115-year-old charity designed to give disadvanteged children and seniors the gift of Christmas:

Through the Angel Tree program, donors can become personally involved because they are able to choose a specific child or senior to help. [...]

Once Angels have been registered, Angel “tags” or ornaments are printed with that Angel’s name, age, gender, clothing sizes, shoe size, gift requests and a code number. [...]

Once a child or senior has been registered as an “Angel,” The Salvation Army makes a promise that we will provide Christmas for that individual. The promise includes a variety of gifts for each child or senior. In order to accomplish this, The Salvation Army depends on the generosity of individual donors, corporations and organizations.

Count Alexis Manthey among the generous donors.

Merry Christmas, Alexis.