Chris Matthews: Obama Would Rather Debate Romney Than Gingrich

MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Monday's Hardball said what conservatives have been saying for many months.

Barack Obama would much rather debate Mitt Romney than Newt Gingrich (video follows with transcript):


CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: In terms of just a pleasant outlook for the year, this President, Barack Obama, would want to prefer, it seems to me, looking forward to a series of genteel debates with Gov. Romney where he’s sort of predictable and he’ll throw his Sunday punch but you know what it’s going to be. Whereas Newt will have 40 or 50 follow-up punches, you won’t know where they’re coming from, and they may be thought up on the spot. Go ahead. Your thoughts.

JENNIFER DONAHUE, HUFFINGTON POST: I totally agree. I think that Newt Gingrich turns on a dime. He’s a great debater. He’s not afraid to really go for the jugular. But he doesn’t do it in a very negative way either. So I think he actually could do it and dismantle Obama and make it very difficult for Obama to be, to defend his record. And I also think that Gingrich has the capacity to lead on television which Romney doesn’t. And Romney also doesn’t connect in person.

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