Chris Matthews Admits 'National Media Leans a Little to the Left'

The next time you get into an argument with a liberal about whether or not the media is biased, show him or her the following video of MSNBC's Chris Matthews admitting on Friday's Hardball that it is (video follows with transcript and commentary):


JOHN HEILEMANN, NEW YORK MAGAZINE: You have sat out on the Iowa sidelines the entire year, and have kind of tried to convey to people that you’re not going to compete there. Now at the last minute you decide because the field is split among the social conservatives that you have a chance to win that state, win New Hampshire, and put this away quickly. If you go out there as the frontrunner, and now you’re playing in Iowa, I think the national media narrative is going to quickly become, “Is Mitt Romney making the same mistake as he made in 2008 when he tried to do the same strategy – win Iowa, win New Hampshire, put the race away?”

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: I agree with you.

HEILEMANN: I think if he’s raised the bar, he’s going to raise the bar very high for himself. It’s going to be very hard to lower expectations the way they think they can.

MATTHEWS: And that’s what we call a dynamic. He goes in there and says, “I’m running, I can win,” and because we know he doesn’t take chances, the national media, which leans a little to the left I could argue, could smash him.

That warrants repeating: "The national media, which leans a little to the left I could argue."

What we need is for Matthews and every other member of the news media to admit this in every report they're involved with.

Then maybe all the nation's editors and producers will be forced to do something about it, for what all Americans deserve is a completely fair and balanced media.

Until that point, it's largely propaganda.

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