Al Sharpton's Absolutely Pathetic Lean Forward Ad: Republicans 'Were the Ones Eating the Pie'

In the immortal words of Huey Lewis, sometimes bad is bad - and Al Sharpton's new Lean Forward commercial for MSNBC is certainly that.

The truly preposterous and embarrassing takeaway is Republicans destroyed the economy and have "blueberry pie all over their face" because "they were the ones eating the pie" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

AL SHARPTON: You know, I grew up here in Brooklyn, and we used to come home from school. Our mothers, some of the ladies in the neighborhood would make blueberry pie. And we would rush in knowing our mothers were still working. And we’d eat. They’d come in, “Did y’all eat the pie?” “No!” And blueberry would be all over.

That’s what happens when I look at the GOP. They talk about, “The economy’s bad, and we didn’t do it. We were the ones fighting.” But they got the blueberry pie all over their face. They were the ones eating the pie.

Now, it's one thing if your new host - who by everyone's account in the media industry outside of MSNBC is totally unqualified and underserving of the position - floats a stupid idea to management about a commercial promoting his program.

But surely someone in the upper echelons of the network had to realize how pathetic the whole concept was and put a stop to it before everyone involved was thoroughly embarrassed by it.

Or is that expecting too much from an organization that embarrasses itself every time a camera is turned on at one of its studios?

On the other hand, maybe the mouse et it - for those that remember their Little Rascals.

Be advised the picture above is a satire involving something Sharpton said on the air earlier this year and is not what is being used by MSNBC to promote his program.

(H/T Business Insider)

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