Bill Maher: Rick Perry 'So Dumb' Republicans Are 'Even Considering Voting for a Black Guy'

For at least the third time this year, HBO's Bill Maher took a racist swipe at Herman Cain.

On Friday's "Real Time," the host said during his New Rule segment that Texas governor Rick Perry "sounded so dumb that now [Republicans are] even considering voting for a black guy" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BILL MAHER: Now I know they hate it when I say it, but the word for Republicans these days is promiscuous. First they fell in love with Trump because they remembered him from back in the '80s when they were young and happy and their penises worked. But the Donald turned out be a lot like his hair: ridiculous, difficult to control, and not very believable.

So then they switched to Michele Bachmann, but she lacked a certain gravitas, or whatever the Latin word is for brain. And she had some skeletons in her closet like her husband.

So then they dropped her and convinced Rick Perry to run. Oh, yes, finally the conservative they were all looking for, but then something horrible happened: Rick started talking, and he sounded so dumb that now they're even considering voting for a black guy.

This was not the first time Maher used race to go after Cain.

In May he said, "Republicans say they love him so they're not racist - right"

The following month, Maher said of Newt Gingrich, "Let me put your unpopularity in context for you - you're a Republican and you're polling behind a black guy"

Maher sure seems fixated on the color of Cain's skin, doesn't he?
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