Krauthammer Schools WaPo's King on Obama: He'd Be a Good Professor But He Can't Run the Country

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer and the Washington Post's Colby King got into a heated debate about Barack Obama on Friday's "Inside Washington."

After King compared the current White House resident to Harry Truman, Krauthammer struck back with a list of Obama's shortcomings concluding, "He would be a good professor...He can do a lot of things, but run the United States he can't" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

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COLBY KING, WASHINGTON POST: I think he’s laid the predicate for it with this jobs bill because he really did serve up to his base with this proposal in kind of talking about the jobs. But look, let's not get too far away from the reality here. Let’s look at what happened in 1946, Harry Truman. He found himself with a Republican Congress for, that surprised him. His approval rating was down around 32 percent. And he fought back against the do nothing Congress. He turned it around. I think it is possible for Obama to turn it around.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Colby, I knew Harry Truman. Harry Truman was a friend of mine. Barack Obama is no Harry Truman. It’s not that complicated. Obama is over his head. He is a great orator. He came out of nowhere. He dazzled America. He’d never run anything. He never actually enacted anything even in the legislature. He hadn’t run a state. He hadn’t run a city. He hadn’t run a business. He is running the biggest enterprise in the world and he has not succeeded. And that is why all of these independents, all of those who believed, who believed in the soaring rhetoric, including I would probably add a couple who swooned in the aisles as he spoke in 2008, are now waking up and realizing he’s a mortal who is over his head.

KING: I think your dislike for Obama is getting in the way of any sound analysis of the situation. I mean week after week after week it’s a personalized attack. And now you’re saying he’s stupid.

KRAUTHAMMER: I’m saying…

KING: You’re saying he’s in over his head…

KRAUTHAMMER: I’m not saying he’s stupid. He’s a great orator. He’s a very smart man and he would be a good professor. He argues extremely well.

KING: I think…

KRAUTHAMMER: He can do a lot of things, but run the United States he can't. That’s analysis, Colby, and I’d like to hear, I’d like to hear an argument which actually answers the analysis and not an ad hominem on your part.

Sadly, that's not an argument we're likely to get from Obama's fans in the media until possibly November 7th if the nation free of his oratorical ether votes him out of office.

At that point, so-called journalists might finally have to admit that the former junior senator from Illinois was never qualified for the position they dishonestly helped him attain.

Of course, it's more likely they'll blame his defeat on racism.

As we've seen in recent years, that's always the fallback position for these shills.

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