Doonesbury Makes Sexist Breast Jokes About Palin and Bachmann

September 5th, 2011 12:10 PM

When it comes to debasing conservative women, is there nothing considered off-limits by the liberal media?

Consider Sunday's Doonesbury which joked about the bra sizes of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann:

In the strip, long-time character B.D. is watching a televised interview with Palin in Iowa. She's asked, "What do you think of Michele Bachmann's early success here?"

In the second to last frame, the faux Palin said, "And did you see me in Newsweek? That article shows that as president, I'd be totally ready if called on to fill a tight sweater."

In the next frame, B.D. thinks to himself, "Good one. Advantage Palin" as her interviewer asked, "Are you saying Bachmann wouldn't?"

The faux Palin responded, "We don't know. The lamestreamers won't get the facts out."

Now imagine for a moment Barack Obama was a Republican, and both Palin and Bachmann were Democrats.

Would Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau be using cheap boob jokes to mock two prominent liberal women?

Yes, that was rhetorical.