Sharpton's 'PoliticsNation' Debut Bombs - Even Bested By Smerconish Guest-Hosting 'Hardball'

The debut of Al Sharpton's new program on MSNBC did not go very well Monday.

As TVNewser reported, "PoliticsNation" actually attracted less viewers than Michael Smerconish did guest-hosting for Chris Matthews on "Hardball":


Yes, you're reading that right: Sharpton only had 519,000 total viewers in his debut.

That's less than a guest-host on "Hardball" who few Americans have ever heard of.

Possibly more concerning to MSNBC top brass - assuming they actually care about ratings! - was Sharpton getting less than one-third the viewers of Fox News's "Special Report" as well as being soundly beaten by CNN's "Situation Room."

"PoliticsNation" also did poorly in the all-important demographic aged 25 to 54.

To be sure, this is only one day, but it can't be the debut anyone at this farce of a so-called "news network" was hoping for.

Nice job, Al!

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