Indiana College Bans National Anthem At Sporting Events

Just when you thought the America-hating in this nation couldn't go much further, a college campus decides to ban the national anthem at sporting events.

The Chicago Tribune reported Thursday:

The Star-Spangled Banner may yet wave over Goshen College in Indiana, but no one's going to be singing about it.

The Mennonite campus is dropping the national anthem in favor of "America the Beautiful" before all sporting events, saying the latter song better represents the college's religious values and pacifist tradition.

The rockets' red glare and those bombs bursting in air — lyrics honoring an obscure naval battle during the War of 1812 — seemingly proved too violent for a college whose motto is "Healing the World, Peace by Peace."

The school had never played "The Star-Spangled Banner" before games until last year, when it began using an instrumental version of the anthem. Administrators opted to end the practice in June, however, after some students and alumni expressed concerns about the militaristic imagery and the effect the song could have on foreign students, a school spokesman said.

In case you were wondering if this article was a spoof, NBC Sports reported this as well Thursday.

Assuming you're interesting in additional details, here's more from the Tribune:

A Rust Belt school with about 1,000 students, Goshen often appears on lists of the Midwest's top liberal arts colleges. Its mission, both academically and socially, reflects the school's ties to the Mennonite Church USA, a Protestant faith built upon pacifism and global citizenship.

One of the Midwest's "top liberal arts colleges."

Need I say more?

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