Tweet Read on 'Meet the Press': 'We're Angry at Obama, But We're Not So Angry That We Would Vote Republican'

Savannah Guthrie actually did a pretty good job filling in for David Gregory on "Meet the Press" Sunday.

Unfortunately, her biases came out near the end of the program when she chose to read a viewer's tweet that was quite hostile to Republicans (video follows with transcript and commentary):

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE, HOST: And finally, from Twitter, someone writes into “Meet the Press”: “What's our alternative? A republican? We're angry at Obama, but we're not so angry that we would vote [Laughs] repub.”

Please notice that Guthrie actually laughed as she was finishing the tweet. Nice bedside manner, huh?

For those that were wondering, this was a real tweet from a real Twitter account:

Please notice that Ms. Stelzer was actually replying to a tweet from the folks at "Meet the Press":

Imagine for a moment Ms. Stelzer's response was, "We're angry at Republicans, but we're not so angry that we'd vote for Obama again."

Do you think Guthrie would have read that on the air?

No, I don't either.

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