Gasparino Counters Huffington's Claim Fox Coverage of British Hacking Scandal 'Embarrassing to Journalism'

Liberal shill Arianna Huffington predictably echoed left-wing talking points on ABC's "This Week" Sunday concerning Fox News's coverage of the British hacking scandal being "embarrassing for journalism."

Fortunately for the sake of accuracy, Fox Business Network's Charlie Gasparino was there to set the record straight (video follows with transcript and commentary):

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, AOL HUFFINGTON POST: The coverage of Fox and the Wall Street Journal of this story has been embarrassing for journalism. You know…

Actually, one of the biggest embarrassments to journalism in recent memory was AOL buying out the perilously liberal Huffington Post.

As such, Huffington is in no position to accuse anyone or anything of embarrassing journalism given what her pathetic website does to the industry on a daily basis.

But I digress:

CHARLIE GASPARINO, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK: Arianna, we've been covering it more, we’ve been covering it all the time.

HUFFINGTON: …editorials in the Wall Street Journal. Forget Fox, you know, nobody really expects Fox to do this seriously…

GASPARINO: Fox has been covering this very seriously, Arianna.

HUFFINGTON: The Wall Street Journal editorials whitewashing what is a very, very serious scandal that we have not seen the end of.

GASPARINO: The company has said it’s serious.

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR, HOST: Hopefully discuss this more in the green room.

GASPARINO: I think we've covered this well. We have straight news reporters that have covered this all day.

Indeed they have.

As NewsBusters reported last Sunday, Fox had done at least 30 reports concerning this scandal in the first ten days after it broke.

But facts don't matter to shills like Huffington.

She wants the only major news organization that doesn't have a decidedly liberal bias to be off the air, and she's going to do whatever she possibly can to accomplish that goal.

Once again, it was fortunate for "This Week" viewers that Gasparino was there to counter Huffington's absurd misrepresentations.

Nice job, Charlie. Bravo!

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