Krauthammer Challenges Shields: Where Is Democrat Budget? What's Their Plan?

As he normally does on "Inside Washington," PBS's Mark Shields Friday was waxing moronic about Republican plans to balance the budget.

Not pleased by the fictional account on display, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer challenged his fellow panelist saying, "Democrats have not even produced a budget for 2012. What’s their budget?" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

MARK SHIELDS: Consistency has not been a problem with Republicans. They have endorsed the Ryan plan, which of course does not provide for a balanced budget, and now they are pushing for a balanced budget. 103 House Republicans have already gone on record as saying they will not vote to raise the debt ceiling unless there is a cap of eighteen percent of government spending, federal spending, which is seven percent below what we're spending right now. In addition to that, they insist on a constitutional amendment and to cut spending by half, the deficit by half next year, all of which are impossible. Every serious person who has looked at this, whether in a group or a study group or commission or whatever, knows that there have to be revenue enhancements, taxes raised, as well as spending cuts. And the idea of just trying to do it with spending cuts alone is just irrational.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Democrats have not even produced a budget for 2012.

SHIELDS: The, the, the, the…

KRAUTHAMMER: What’s their budget?

SHIELDS: The case is there. The President is on…

KRAUTHAMMER: Where are their numbers, where is the plan?

SHIELDS: The President has…

KRAUTHAMMER: Where are their numbers and where is the plan?

SHIELDS: It’s right there in the President…


SHIELDS: Look, I mean, the president in the dealings with Joe Biden, and the sixth, and the Senators and Congressmen. It is there.

What nonsense.

The inconvenient truth for liberal media members is Congressional Democrats haven't proposed a budget since the fiscal 2010 one was passed on April 3, 2009.

That's 27 straight months without a budget proposal from a Democrat in either the House or the Senate, and people like Shields have the gall to go on television and complain about proposals from Congressional Republicans.

The idea that in the midst of a serious budget crisis in this country, one political party has completely abdicated its primary responsibility should be drawing media ire on a daily basis.

Instead, these shills point fingers at the only party trying to rectify the situation.

It really makes you wonder how they look themselves in the mirror when they brush their teeth.

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