Howard Kurtz Shocked Dick Morris Toes Republican Line

June 20th, 2011 12:01 AM

Howard Kurtz didn't have a good Father's Day.

After being shocked that Republicans would actually prefer Obama jokes over those about Republicans, the "Reliable Sources" host expressed dismay that Fox News analyst Dick Morris would actually toe the GOP's line (video follows with transcript and commentary):

HOWARD KURTZ: One question I always ask about commentators on the left and the right is whether we're getting their unvarnished opinion, or are they toeing some kind of party line? Fox News analyst Dick Morris made clear in a radio interview that he'll throw his support to anyone the GOP puts up, or as conservative host Mike Gallagher put it, whoever the Republicans prop up.


DICK MORRIS, FOX NEWS POLITICAL ANALYST: I agree so much with that, Mike. I decided a couple of -- a month or two ago to stop jumping on Mitt Romney.


MORRIS: Not because I approve of Romneycare, not because I approve of his flip-flop-flip on abortion, but because I may have to be one of those who carries this guy for a couple of months when he's running against Obama, and I don't want to make my own task harder.


KURTZ: He may have to carry this guy against Obama. Those are Morris' own words. Talk about falling into line.

Exactly why would this be surprising to a media analyst?

On Kurtz's own network, there are contributors such as Paul Begala and Donna Brazile who do nothing but toe the Democrat Party line every time they're in front of a camera.

Why is it acceptable when they do it on CNN but inappropriate for Morris to do it on Fox?

As I said at the onset, this wasn't one of Kurtz's finer days.