Pornographer Larry Flynt Calls Palin's Down Syndrome Son 'Brain Dead Vegetable'

May 28th, 2011 6:06 PM

Following in the footsteps of the liberal website Wonkette, pornographer Larry Flynt called Sarah Palin's Down Syndrome son Trig "brain dead - a virtual vegetable."

Such was reported by Britain's Independent Friday:

It's hard to keep him focused on this subject, or any subject. His conversation skids about. He doubts Barack Obama would cheat on his wife because: "You ever looked at her? If he ever cheated on her she'd kick his ass. You know they may be black but they've got a very stable family." Then he says, apropos of nothing: "Sarah Palin is the dumbest thing. But I made a fortune off of her. [He made a porn film called Nailin' Palin, based on her]... She did a disservice to every woman in America. She knew from the first month of pregnancy that kid was going to be Down's Syndrome. It's brain dead. A virtual vegetable. She carries it to all these different political events against abortion, she did it just because she didn't want to say she'd had an abortion. How long is it going to live? Another 12, 15 years? Doesn't even know it's in this world. So what kind of compassionate conservative is she? I don't think anybody will want her near the White House." I am so thrown by the unpleasantness of all this I don't even interject.

What an idiot.

Due to advances in medical technology, Down Syndrome offspring lead very full lives in America today. As reported by About Down Syndrome:

In l929 the Down Syndrome lifespan was only 9 years. It has greatly increased over the past 80 or so years. Today, people with Down Syndrome are living well into their 50’s and 60’s. Not only do they live longer, but they live happier, fuller and healthier lives.

Up until the 70’s or so, the majority of people with Down syndrome were still institutionalized. In these institutions they were left to themselves. They did not have the opportunities many people with Down syndrome have today. The health care of these institutionalized people was not anywhere near what it is today. Twenty five years ago a person with Down syndrome was only expected to live about 25 years. Today, due to drastic advances in medicine, they are living well into their 50’s and 60’s. Ultimately though the lifespan of a person with Down syndrome depends on any medical conditions he or she may be living with...Generally, many adults with Down Syndrome live happy and full lives. They hold jobs, get married and with the help of family and caretakers they are often able to live fairly independently.

It appears given the facts the person who's brain dead is Flynt.

Wouldn't it be nice if the ignorant weren't given such a platform to speak their nonsense from?

Of course, magazines, newspapers, radio stations, and television networks would have a hard time creating product if that were the case.

(H/T Weasel Zippers)