Rachel Maddow Predicts GOP Presidential Candidate Refusing All Mainstream Media Interviews

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow this weekend predicted that there is going to be a Republican presidential candidate that will refuse to do any interviews with the mainstream media.

She told her fellow panelists on the syndicated "Chris Matthews Show" that it could be Sarah Palin (video follows with transcript and commentary):

RACHEL MADDOW, MSNBC: Mine is a prediction. I predict that there will be a candidate from the right side of the Republican Party, it may be Sarah Palin, somebody else, but they will establish a new litmus test for Republican candidates, which is that they do not do mainstream media interviews. That doing a mainstream media interview is itself a capitulation. That only conservative media should be engaged with by the nominee.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Meaning Fox, Limbaugh, radio?

MADDOW: That’s right.

KELLY O’DONNELL, NBC: Boy, if I’m on a GOP bus, that is a depressing, depressing prediction.

MADDOW: Hey, good news is I’m always wrong.

Well, that's good news for everyone except the folks that watch her on a nightly basis and think what she's saying bears any semblance to the truth.

If she knows what she's saying is always wrong, maybe she should begin each of her programs with a disclaimer.

A conservative can dream, can't he?

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