Bill Maher Tells Rachel Maddow He Hates Republicans as Much as She Does

Bill Maher Tuesday made a statement on MSNBC that would be truly embarrassing for the so-called news network if any of its executives cared at all about being an impartial disseminator of information.

At the end of an almost thirteen minute interview with Rachel Maddow, the comedian said of Republicans, "I hate them as much as you do" (video follows with commentary):

As readers would expect, what preceded Maher's final assertion was his typical Republican bashing of his usual targets such as Ronald Reagan as well as the newest object of his disaffection, Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.).

This was all the predictable, GOP-hating fare that one is bludgeoned with when HBO's "Real Time" is in session. The only things out of the ordinary were the venue and the response from the host.

If Maddow wanted to preserve even the slightest appearance of impartiality and journalistic integrity, instead of laughing like a hyena when Maher said he hates Republicans as much as she does, she would have countered by stating that she just disagrees with conservative viewpoints, but doesn't hold any animosity towards those on the opposite side of the aisle.

If she had even a shred of journalistic sense in her body, Maddow would have made it clear to her audience that she doesn't hate Republicans at all.

Since she didn't, one has to conclude that Maher's right, and not only does Maddow despise a large percentage of the nation, she's also comfortable allowing it to be aired on the very "news network" she's employed by.

Quite a statement, don't you think?

Makes you wonder what kind of a business model exists at this network where it is acceptable for its employees to disparage such a large percentage of the possible audience. As it is the goal of any company to expand its market share, it's considered bad for business to insult and demean potential customers, especially such a large swath of them.

Does MSNBC not care about this? Ditto NBC, GE and Comcast? What kind of an environment exists in this organization where its employees are given license to antagonize such a large portion of possible patrons?

Of possibly utmost importance, how can she be allowed to participate in any primary or election coverage in the future if she's not willing to counter an on-air claim that she hates Repubicans?

It would be from this point forward categorically absurd for MSNBC to allow her to be involved in any events where her antipathy toward the GOP could cloud her commentary. This of course assumes the network she represents actually cares about such a thing, which at this point seems highly doubtful.

As much as it pains me to say, congratulations are in order to Maher as he unknowingly and quite likely unintentionally exposed just how biased Maddow and the station she represents are.

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