Matthews Obamagasm: 'This Isn’t Just Frigging the American Dream - It’s Darned Near Perfect'

MSNBC's Chris Matthews had multiple Obamagasms on his program again.

The thrills up his leg embarrassingly came at the beginning and the end of "Hardball" in what at times seemed like an hour-long commercial for the President's reelection (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: The fact is that President Obama was playing that other all-American sport basketball. He was on a championship team. There's a great picture, looking great there, they won the Hawaii state championship. All this is on the record. He was a regular kid who kept his nose clean, did everything right, ended up on the Harvard Law Review. Has a wonderful marriage, a wonderful wife, she got herself through Princeton I believe. Her brother coaches out at Oregon State. Everything about them is 100 percent true blue American. They have done everything right in their life, done nothing wrong in their life. They haven't gone out and gobbled for money. They have done the right thing in terms of public values.

Eric, I just want to get back to you, sir. It just seems to me when a guy has done every darn thing right to live the American dream, even to the point of perfection. […]

Michael, I wonder what the conversations are like in the black community about this. I mean, you're not speaking for it or anything, but it must be amazing in the barbershops and regular places where people talk, you know, chatting about this where there's a guy out there who's done everything right. It's not like he's done a couple of things wrong in his life. I mean this guy's the dream.

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON: Look, look, if you can't like this black man, not only as president, but as another human being, there's no black man been made that's existing that you will like.

Readers are reminded this was a television program on a so-called news network not an advertisment from the Committee to Reelect Barack Obama.

But there was more to this sickening display, for Matthews actually put an exclamation point on it at the end of the show:

MATTHEWS: Let me finish tonight with this horrible talk we're hearing in this country. I was out last night in California in Los Angeles with a large group of former Peace Corps volunteers like me. We were at UCLA talking about the Corps ' 50th anniversary this week ever since John F. Kennedy decided it was a good idea to get young Americans out there in the world helping countries develop, sharing some of our American can-do spirit and in the process learning something about how the rest of the world looks at things. It came to me that everything good about that is being assaulted these days. This guy Huckabee and Gingrich and Dubya before him were out there trashing the whole idea of learning anything from throughout the world, anything from the rest of the world. This whole stupidization of things that began with Bush's inane attempt to rename French fries. Now this guy Huckabee is going around the rightwing radio world singing the song that our president isn't really one of us, because his father, who stayed with him until the age of two, infected him with some kind of foreignness. You know, he's a Kenyan, he’s a secret Muslim, he's from over there where those African people are, those different people live. I thought we were beyond this yahoo talk, this fear of the world, this monkey trial nonsense. But we're not, are we?

We’ve got knuckleheads promenading around the rightwing radio belt playing to the God knows who crowd saying how Obama was somehow involved with the Mau Maus, hanging around madrasa schools. All the while though this young kid way back then tried to make it in this country, and all he did, everything he did was right as a regular American kid, playing basketball on a championship team in Hawaii. That's what I wanted to do growing up, be a championship basketball player. He went to Catholic school like I did. He got into Occidental College out in California, then to Columbia University. Then he went to the Ivy League and went to Harvard Law where he made the Law Review.

What more do you want this kid to do? He's done everything right. Look at his marriage. Michelle’s done everything right. Her brother is a top basketball coach out at Oregon State. The kids look like they're right out of a picture book. This isn’t just frigging the American dream, it’s darned near perfect. And what is this rightwing goon squad doing? They keep talking about his father, his grandfather. What about his grandfather who fought under Patton in World War II? What are these people looking for some evidence that he's black? Is that it? They ought to be ashamed themselves.

You know, you want to know what's un-American? Huckabee and Newt and the rest of them. This stuff is.

Actually, Chris, what's un-American is a so-called journalist night after night gushing and fawning over an elected official while demeaning and defaming all those on the opposite side of the aisle that don't agree with him - or you!

We're 20 months from Election Day 2012.

Can you imagine what this shill and the rest of his pathetic excuse for a "news" network are going to do once the campaign season really begins?

Perish the thought.

*****Update: Jeff Dietz of Yid With Lid accurately points out that George W. Bush didn't come up with the concept of renaming French fries. As reported in March 2003:

The cafeteria menus in the three House office buildings changed the name of "french fries" to "freedom fries," in a culinary rebuke of France stemming from anger over the country's refusal to support the U.S. position on Iraq.

Ditto for "french toast," which will be known as "freedom toast."

The name changes were spearheaded by two Republican lawmakers who held a news conference Tuesday to make the name changes official on the menus.

Across the country, some private restaurants have done the same.

"This action today is a small, but symbolic effort to show the strong displeasure of many on Capitol Hill with the actions of our so-called ally, France," said Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, the chairman of the Committee on House Administration.

Not surprisingly, facts are unimportant to Matthews and Company when bashing a Republican is the order of the day.

The folks at MSNBC and Comcast should be so proud of the research skills at their so-called "news" network.

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