Media Boycott of Wisconsin Assemblyman Telling Assemblywoman 'You Are F--king Dead' Continues

UPDATE AT END OF POST: Laura Ingraham interviews Assemblywoman Litjens.

As NewsBusters reported Tuesday, a Wisconsin Democrat Assemblyman vulgarly assaulted a Republican Assemblywoman last week disgracefully saying to her after a procedural on the state's budget, "You are f--king dead!"

Although the story was first broken by a Wisconsin radio station at 12:53 PM Monday, America's supposedly civility-minded media have almost completely boycotted it with the following exceptions:

  • The Associated Press State & Local wire published a 153 word piece on the matter at 12:53 PM Tuesday that was quite matter of fact and inconsequential
  • Fox News's Bill Hemmer interviewed Assemblywoman Michelle Litjens (R-Wis.) concerning the assault Tuesday
  • Litjens was interviewed by a number of conservative talk radio hosts Tuesday

According to LexisNexis and Google news searches, as far as major media are concerned, that's it.

Not one major newspaper outside of Wisconsin thought this newsworthy. The Associated Press didn't run a national piece on it. All of the television networks besides Fox completely ignored it as did NPR.

In fairness, MSNBC does not transcribe its shows outside of extended prime time, and someone suggested to me Tuesday afternoon that the network had made some mention of it. I can't prove or disprove that; there appears to be nothing about this at

As I asked Tuesday, just imagine if the woman that was vulgarly assaulted was a Democrat and the man on the giving end was a Republican. Would the coverage have been different?

It seems a metaphysical certitude the answer is a resounding "Yes," and that not only would this story have lead every evening television news broadcast Monday as well as morning shows Tuesday, it also would have made front page headlines Tuesday as well as been reported every hour on the hour by CNN and MSNBC.

It also seems likely the National Organization for Women would have already called for Hintz's resignation, with leading Democrat figures including possibly the President himself condemning his behavior calling on this to be a teachable moment for the nation.

Can anyone say "Beer summit?"

Instead, crickets.

What does this tell Americans?

Since August 29, 2008, the day Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was introduced to America, we've learned that sexist attacks on Republican women are not only acceptable but are to be condoned and rewarded.

Since that day, we've seen supposedly feminist liberal media members excoriate female GOPers such as Minnesota's Michele Bachmann, Delaware's Christine O'Donnell, and Nevada's Sharron Angle in a way that they would never consider doing to a Democrat woman.

Now, with this disgusting assault being almost totally boycotted by America's media, we learn that as far as the press are concerned, it's okay for male Democrat officials to treat their female colleagues in such a deplorable manner as long as they are Republicans.

By their silence, every media outlet in this country that did not report this incident has implicitly condoned what Hintz did, and should be thoroughly ashamed.

Alas, this is how far so-called journalists are willing to go to defeat Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's plan to balance his state's budget.

Makes you weep for the future, doesn't it?

For those interested, here's Hemmer's Tuesday interview with Litjens:

Watch the latest video at

*****Update: As bonus coverage, here's Laura Ingraham's interview with Litjens also from Tuesday:

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