Gore Accuses Limbaugh, Fox and the Wall Street Journal of Conspiring to Mislead Public About Global Warming

February 21st, 2011 10:59 AM

The man that has made millions spreading the global warming myth claimed Friday that there's a conspiracy to mislead the public about the dangers of climate change.

The Aspen Times reported Monday that Nobel Laureate Al Gore said conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and the Wall Street Journal editorial page were involved:

Gore, 62, delivered a 50-minute keynote address for a symposium on “Forests at Risk: Climate Change and the Future of the American West.” The event, hosted by the local nonprofit For the Forest, was held in the Doerr-Hosier Center at The Aspen Institute.

In a question-and-answer session that followed his speech, Gore was asked about the intense opposition to the idea of manmade global warming.

"He said many global corporations base their profit margins on the ability to pollute," reported the Times. "They have banded together and spent billions of dollars in the media and in political campaigns, even hiring 'four anti-climate lobbyists for every member of Congress.'”

“And they said, if the public becomes convinced that this is what the scientists say it is, then it's ‘game over' for us,” Gore said.

Gore.jpgAccording to the Times, he claimed their objective was "to transform global warming into a theory rather than a fact. And so the opponents of the effort to recognize climate change embarked upon a 'dedicated, cynical, lavishly funded strategy,' utilizing conservative talk radio, commentator Rush Limbaugh and his many imitators, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, Fox News and other right-wing outlets."

Imagine that.

The man whose schlockumentary has been so discredited that a British judge in 2007 noted nine material falsehoods in "An Inconvenient Truth" that must be disclosed to students if shown in a public school is pointing fingers at others for conspiring to spread misinformation.

Also hysterical is his claim that "global corporations base their profit margins on the ability to pollute" as it seems a metaphysical certitude that his own profits and investments in advancing this myth didn't surface during his address or the subsequent Q & A.

It's also doubtful Gore discussed his own political action group or the hundreds of millions of dollars it has spent trying to scare people into thinking that a less than one degree Celsius rise in global temperatures in the past 160 years is destroying the planet.

No, the real purveyors of half-truths and unproven theories are Rush Limbaugh, the Journal, Fox News, and other right-wing outlets.

Makes you wonder what the color of the sky is on the planet Gore's from as well as its average temperature.