SNL: Republicans Really Did Hold Obama Hostage - Now He's a Tax Cut-Loving Birther

December 12th, 2010 2:12 AM

"Saturday Night Live" began its program last evening with Fred Armisen once again addressing the nation as President Obama.

After being literally held hostage by Republicans for three days - "bound, gagged, blindfolded in a dark room somewhere outside Washington" - Obama, in the grips of weird symptoms associated with the Stockholm Syndrome, became a tax cut-loving, Sarah Palin-admiring, Rush Limbaugh-quoting conservative who's no longer sure he was born in America (video follows with partial transcript and commentary):

Armisen comically explained that he realized on the fourth day that the Stockholm Syndrome - whereby hostages begin identifying and agreeing with the position of their captors - was a real phenomenon:

FRED ARMISEN AS PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: I suddenly decided that I kind of agreed with the Republican philosophy of trickle down economics. That's why for me, the tax cuts for the wealthy aren't a big problem. They're the best part of the bill. You watch. I predict the rich will use that extra money to go out and create jobs - millions and millions of jobs. It's like Rush said on his show the other day: I never got hired by a poor person.

From there, Armisen referred to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Cali.) "San Francisco Nancy."

He next expressed his “outrage at the unjust treatment” of Bristol Palin, and, on behalf of Sarah and the Mama Grizzlies everywhere, voiced his condemnation of the judges' decision on "Dancing With The Stars."

Before signing off, Armisen announced that he would be flying to Tampa, Florida, to join Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly "as part of our Bold Fresh tour."

He then ended with possibly the best line saying, "Now, in closing, let me reassure you that however long it takes, this nation's current troubles will pass because you Americans never have and never will give up. I say 'you Americans' because even though I always thought I was born here, lately I've begun to have my doubts."

Quite the stereotype of today's conservative, wouldn't you agree? Yet mixed in all the right-wing bashing were obvious shots at the President as well. 

It seems the folks at SNL feel as betrayed by this tax compromise as MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz. 

Why aren't I surprised?