GOP Strategist Scolds Crazed Libtalker: 'What a Joke, I Hope We Never See You Again'

GOP strategist Ron Christie had quite a run in with libtalker and former Air America personality Lionel on Friday.

By the end of their segment together on MSNBC's "Ed Show," Christie was so fed up with Lionel's rude behavior he scolded, "What a joke, I hope we never see you again" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

SCHULTZ: And in my "Playbook" tonight, well I don’t think that liberals can just get enough for this Dick Cheney story, especially me. Last time on this program, I told you that Nigeria may be planning to put out an arrest warrant for the former Vice President for his alleged role in a bribery scandal while he was CEO of Halliburton. It could be big. For more let’s bring in Lionel of Lionel Media, he is also a New York Pix 11 news commentary. And Ron Christie, special former assistant to Vice President Dick Cheney.

Now, for the record, the Department of Justice here in this country said that there was no wrongdoing but that of course was under the Bush administration.

Ron, is -- is the former vice president on safe territory here? Is this a witch-hunt?

RON CHRISTIE, FORMER SPECIAL ASSISTANT TO DICK CHENEY: I think it’s a witch-hunt. I look at this as a very serious matter when a foreign country tries to subject U.S. citizens to their jurisdiction under corruption. Particularly when you’re talking about Nigeria. I looked this afternoon in the transparency index, Nigeria is ruled as being one of the most corrupt nations in the world. So when you have one of the most corrupt nations in the world seeking to bring a private U.S. citizen in for their jurisdiction who also happens to be the former vice president of the United States, I start to question and think that this is more politically motivated than in fact in basis on truth or fact or law.

LIONEL, NEW YORK PIX 11 NEWS COMMENTARY: Oh, please. Ed, if they’re so corrupt, why was Halliburton dealing with them? First of all, do you get the irony of Nigeria? Nigeria as in the Nigerian banks. I just got the e-mail by the way from a prince who wants me to put a quarter of a million of dollars into an account today. Look Ron, you and I agree. There is not that Dick Cheney is going to be arrested for anything but to suggest how dare Nigeria think that they can tell us, we have the foreign corrupt practices act, when we want somebody, we’ll find them wherever they are in the world.
We even want to treat, get this, we’re digging about prosecuting Julian Assange for treason when he’s not an American citizen but here’s the funny part. Do you think Dick Cheney applies to the rules? That’s like people who say, they’re going to indict the pope. Dick Cheney’s in the parallel universe. He’s untouchable. So I’m with you, Ron, Dick Cheney has nothing to worry about. He’s untouchable.

CHRISTIE: Well, speaking of parallel universe, sir, for someone who I don’t know, I would politely suggest that rather than making this a political discussion, I’m making it as a point and fact as a lawyer and as a lawyer.

LIONEL: You just said that it was political. As a lawyer, you said that they were acting politically. So, you’re violating.


CHRISTIE: Oh, please. Let me tell you something. Excuse me, sir, please, this is a television program. I allowed you the chance to speak.

LIONEL: It is.

CHRISTIE: Show me a little respect as I’ve shown yours.

LIONEL: Oh, you have Cheney’s shelf for God’s sake. He was not going to be indicted. It’s political you are right.

CHRISTIE: So, the point of the matter, Ed, Ed, Ed.

SCHULTZ: All right. Let him finish, Lionel. Let him go.

CHRISTIE: Excuse me, without -- whatever. The point of the matter is that I worry about American citizens being brought in front of foreign courts. I think that’s the real issue here. There are those who seek political motivations because Dick Cheney is something that liberals.

SCHULTZ: What would be the political motivation of Nigeria?

CHRISTIE: Well, the political motivation of Nigeria, Ed and I think this gives him great...

LIONEL: Corruption.

CHRISTIE: .frankly, it gives them notoriety. They can say, oh, look we’re going to bring Dick Cheney in.

LIONEL: Hey, Christie, how come Halliburton.

CHRISTIE: Excuse me, I don’t refer to you by your last name.

LIONEL: I don’t have much time.

CHRISTIE: There’s a good reason that you don’t have much time because you need to learn a little manners and respect.

LIONEL: There’s bribery here. Listen, Dick Cheney is not going to be its political. They have elections, what in April? I agree with that. This isn’t a lawyerly treat, that you’re giving, this is about politics. This is all for show.

CHRISTIE: Well, speaking for show, I hope this is one you never come on again until you learn how to treat people with respect and actually engage in political discourse that’s polite. My only point here, Ed -- I’m done with you, sir. My only point here, Ed, is that I think it’s a very interesting case, there’s so many things going on around the world and the Nigerians want to indict Cheney, really? If they were going to do something more constructive I think that they should, frankly try to engage with the United States.


SCHULTZ: OK. Let me ask you this. Ron.

CHRISTIE: They should try to engage with the United States and those who are trying to persecute us.

SCHULTZ: Ron, are you saying tonight that the Nigerians are not on solid legal ground, that they could not indict Dick Cheney?

CHRISTIE: Well, I’m sure under their jurisdiction and under their laws, they can do whatever they want. What I’m saying is as you’ve pointed out that the S.E.C. and the United States Department of Justice have looked at this and determined that Halliburton’s behavior.

SCHULTZ: Well, that was the Bush Department of Justice.

LIONEL: Oh, it’s the Bush Department of Justice.


CHRISTIE: Then in all fairness and then let another.

LIONEL: Do you think that DOJ is going to issue an opinion say that Dick Cheney is -- listen, listen, pal, we’re on the same page. But don’t - - don’t obfuscate the truth. You know he’s not going to be indicted. We understand this. But why did Halliburton pay those incredible fines if there was no bribery in the past?

SCHULTZ: Gentlemen.

LIONEL: I’m not suggesting he’s libel.

SCHULTZ: Lionel, we’ve got to run.

CHRISTIE: What a joke, I hope we never see you again. Ed, it’s always a pleasure to see you tonight.

SCHULTZ: Gentlemen, good to have you with us tonight. I thought that it was great.

CHRISTIE: Well, I’m sure you did.

Schultz thought that was great?

I wonder if like former "Gong Show" host Chuck Barris he also likes maggots.

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