Alec Baldwin: WikiLeaks Assange Should be Tried Only if Cheney is for Plame Leak

I really love when I see a blog published at the Huffington Post by Alec Baldwin for I know it's going to be some truly delicious left-wing insanity guaranteed to put a huge smile on my face.

On Saturday, the idiot actor from Long Island, New York, didn't disappoint:

I hope they catch that WikiLeaks guy. I hope they catch him and prosecute him for all its worth. I hope they, legally speaking, throttle this guy within an inch of his life. [...]

Only one condition. You hold formal hearings on the Valerie Plame scandal. And you put that Low-Down-Gutless-Excuse-For-A-Vice-President Dick Cheney and that crypto-facist maniac Richard Armitage on trial. Same as Julian Assange.

Cheney and Armitage. Assange goes on trial, they go on trial.

It's astonishing that anyone with even a room temperature intelligence quotient can make a comparison between all the top secret information released by Julian Assange and the Valerie Plame affair.

Or is this an indication there's a severe winter storm hitting Hollywood and the thermostat in the Baldwin residence is broken?

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