Media Mostly Ignore Gore Admitting He Only Supported Ethanol Mandates to Help His Presidential Ambitions

On Monday, NewsBusters was the first American media outlet to report Nobel laureate Al Gore's admission that he only supported ethanol mandates in the '90s because he thought it would help his presidential ambitions.

As it turns out, with very few exceptions, no major news divisions thought this was at all important:

  • Zero coverage by broadcast television networks
  • Zero coverage by cable news networks
  • Zero coverage by wire services with the exception of the original article at Reuters Africa

Of the major newspapers, the New York Times reported this story, but apparently only at its website and not in print. The same is true of the Washington Post. also reported this story, and even quoted from NewsBusters' piece.

From what I can tell, the only major newspaper that reported this in its print edition was Investor's Business Daily.

I guess a Nobel laureate admitting he only supported an environmental initiative when he was Vice President because he thought it would help him become president just isn't newsworthy when that person happens to be a beloved Democrat.

Why aren't I the slightest bit surprised?

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