Happy Anniversary ClimateGate

A year ago today, NewsBusters was one of the first websites to break the story that eventually became known as ClimateGate.

There have been a lot of articles concerning this anniversary in recent days, and by far the most comprehensive analysis of this issue - including what it has meant to those advancing the theory of anthropogenic global warming as well as the atrocious media coverage of the scandal - was penned by Marc Sheppard at the American Thinker.

Folks familiar with Sheppard's work know him to be one of the nation's finest scientific writers. His December 2009 "Understanding Climategate's Hidden Decline" was the first to explain what the decline was that the so-called scientists involved in this scheme were trying to hide.

With that in mind, readers are highly encouraged to review Sheppard's "Climategate: One Year and Sixty House Seats Later."

For a fabulous look at how the media have mishandled this story the past year, please also see Julia Seymour's "ClimateGate 1 Year Later: Networks Barely Cover Scandal, But Defend and 'Exonerate' Accused Scientists."

ClimateGate Global Warming
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