Greg Gutfeld Rips Maureen Dowd's 'GOP Mean Girls' Column

Greg Gutfeld on Saturday marvelously ripped Maureen Dowd's "GOP Mean Girls" column published by the New York Times last Sunday.

Appearing on "Fox News Watch," Gutfeld ridiculed the hypocrisy of lamenting the "evils of smearing women right before smearing women" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

JON SCOTT, HOST: A clip from the movie “Mean Girls,” and the inspiration for New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd when she took on some of the GOP’s female candidates. Her column got the interest and ire of “Red Eye’s” Greg Gutfeld. 

GREG GUTFELD: So according to Maureen Dowd we're seeing a rising tide of vicious bullying this political year, the kind you see in high school when teenage tormentors would spread rumors that you were pregnant. For Dowd, she blames these new Republican mean girls, angry and aggressive women who are angry and aggressive.

Anyway, to the irony, here Mo laments the evils of smearing women right before smearing women. Funny, somehow she’s turning into that insecure head cheerleader, the one who always supports the boorish jock. Think of the National Organization for Women during the Clinton years, or any women who supported Teddy K.

But Dowd’s real blind spot: she writes this column only a week after Meg Whitman was called a whore, and after the California NOW chief said that word was an apt description. But none of that made her column. Odd. So how is calling a lady the "w" word not seen as mean, but Sharron Angle asking Harry Reid to man up is? I’d ask her explanation, but that might be too mean.

It’s also just too funny seeing Dowd go after Angle for being aggressive in a debate. It's what you do in a debate, Sis. But maybe Mo thinks Reid can't defend himself, or worse that a debate is just no place for girls.

For Fox News Watch, I'm Greg Gutfeld.

Saturdays have become much more enjoyable now that the Fox folks have decided to give Gutfeld airtime on News Watch.

Don't you agree?

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