George Clooney Exposes Bill Maher’s Ignorant Hatred For Conservatives

George Clooney on Friday exposed Bill Maher's ignorant hatred for conservatives.

During a discussion with the actor, director, and activist on HBO's "Real Time," Maher pathetically said, " I don't think conservatives are bad people. I think they have a hard time being empathetic to people who are not like them at all."

Clooney's answer will not only surprise you, but also visibly stopped Maher in his tracks (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BILL MAHER, HOST: So, you know, we have Rob Reiner on this time, and I've hit one of his big issues is gay marriage. He's not gay that we know. This is a big issue with you so that you're not Sudanese.


MAHER: I think this is a big difference between liberals and conservatives. You know, I don't think conservatives are bad people. I think they have a hard time being empathetic to people who are not like them at all.

CLOONEY: Okay, now wait. I’ll tell you why, hang on a minute though. I'll tell you why that's not necessarily true. Because this movement, the Sudanese movement, Darfur, the north-south agreement were really truly embraced by the Right even more so than the Left.

MAHER: Like I say, conservatives are empathetic.

CLOONEY: They really were. I mean, Sam Brownback and I did press conferences together, and you know, when I talked to the senator, I said listen, we don't agree on a whole lot of stuff, but we both agree on this one. And I found that over the years on this particular issue specifically, and a lot of the African countries, that you can get a lot of conservative help. I just met with Senator Dick Lugar who’s the, you know, the leading, ranking member of foreign relations. So, the trick for us is, you know, at a time that’s most politicized, I mean, more than I think since Lincoln, we have to, this is one area that we actually have an opportunity to force feed this. You know, Senator Lugar, I talked to Senator Kerry yesterday. He's now in Khartoum which is the capital of where Omar Bashir is. He’s going there to meet with them, and then going to the south. We're really trying to get everybody involved as much as possible. And they want to do it. All these guys. Believe me, the, the it's a very big issue on the right as well.

Indeed. The reality is Bill Maher is a blithering idiot.

Week after week, he sticks his THC-laden foot in his mouth, and as long as there isn't someone on the set to recognize it, his equally brain-dead audience will eat it up.

Consider that just four weeks ago, Andrew Breitbart exposed Maher for being a phony Libertarian.

But what''s been most interesting of late is that even liberals are beginning to call Maher out for his hypocritical positions.

On October 9, Maher found himself on the wrong side of a religious discussion wherein the liberal Andrew Ross Sorkin of the New York Times and the equally liberal Joshua Green of the Atlantic disagreed with him. In the end, Maher said "Oh f--k you all" and moved to another segment.

Now, exactly two weeks later, the extremely liberal Clooney corrected him about conservative views of the Sudan.

Add it all up, and Bill Maher really is just a comedian with a limited grasp of the facts.

But don't tell that to his sycophant devotees.

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