More People Watched Fox News Monday Than Obama Town Hall

The ratings are in for Barack Obama's televised town hall meeting on CNBC Monday, and they're pretty dismal.

In fact, far more people watched the Fox News Channel's "Happening Now" with Jon Scott and Jenna Lee airing at the same time than tuned in to see what the President had to say.

Potentially even more embarrassing, when you add in those that watched Obama in MSNBC's replay of the event later in the day, the total is still less than those that viewed Jon and Jenna at noon.

Chris Ariens of TVNewser reported the numbers Tuesday:

The hour drew 625,000 Total Viewers airing live at NoonET -- more than 450,000 viewers behind #1 FNC (1.08M) in the hour, but ahead of CNN (436K) and MSNBC (217K). The re-air on MSNBC at 3pmET drew 369,000 viewers. 

Early in his presidency, media members used to gush over how Obama drew the attention of the American people. They even used it as an excuse to cover him so much and put him on the covers of magazines.

It appears less than two years into his first term, the bloom is off the rose.

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